Why do we om?

Why do we om?


Ok, so that awkward moment before and after class when you are asked to bust out an om! I used to dread it before I started teaching, especially, as I am sure you have all noticed – I am pretty much tone deaf! But.. I have been in a room when everyone has a good old go and lets their ego leave the body and then it becomes the most amazing vibrational sound that bounces around the room and feels so magical, when our voices all join as one. Before going online we would generally chant ‘om’ three times and really get into it, sadly, it is very different online so when we get together lets remember to let our inner oms sound out loud and proud!

The symbol of om is very well known and seen everywhere but when you break the strokes of this powerful Sanskrit symbol down, it becomes super interesting.
OM – this eternal word is all; what was, what is and what shall be. In this Sanskrit letter the longer lower curve represents the dream state, the upper curve represents the waking state and the curve issuing from the centre symbolises deep, dreamless sleep. The top crescent shape stands for maya, the veil of illusion (Cosmic illusion; literally, “the measurer.” Maya is the power in creation by which limitations and divisions seem to exist in the Oneness that is true reality), and the dot at the top for the transcendental state. When the individual spirit in humans passes through the veil and rests in the transcendental he is liberated from the three states and their qualities.

Why do we chant om?

Everything around us is vibrating and pulsating, everything has its own energy, nothing just stands still. When we om its at the vibrational frequency of 432hz which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature, so Om, also written (and sounded) as Aum, is the basic sound of the universe so by chanting it we are symbolically and physically acknowledging our connection to nature and all other living being.

So when we om in class I really hope you now feel happy to let it out, loud and proud!


Namaste x

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  • Debbie Haynes
    May 15, 2021 11:17 am

    Thanks for this Jessie, I always knew there was a good reason and that it was an age old thing to do but to have a proper description is great! I shall be sure to OM at the top of my voice x


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